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  • How can I attend a class?
    You must reserve your spot in class in advance so we know to expect you. Please sign up here to make a reservation. Classes with low enrollment MAY be cancelled up to 1 hour before class - we will send you a notification by email if class is cancelled. Please note that advance reservations close 8 hours before class. Drop-ins are currently not allowed.
  • What are your Covid safety precautions?
    We no longer require proof of Covid vaccination. However, we ask our clients to stay at home when experiencing respiratory illness. We open our windows when weather permits, we also have Air Purifiers and an awesome HVAC system.
  • Can I drop-in to a class?
    Drop-ins are currently not allowed due to Covid restrictions. You will need to sign up 1 hour before class start.
  • I'm on the waitlist, how do I know if I get added to the class?"
    You will get notified by email or text up to 8 hours before class. Please remove yourself from the waitlist if your plans change. You can log in to your account and look at your schedule to cancel.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You must cancel your reservation 8 hours before class start to avoid any penalty. Reservations may be cancelled by logging into your account online, by phone or text at 781- 530-4796 or email at Failure to meet the cancellation window above will result in a loss of 1 class for numbered packages OR a $15 Late Cancel Fee for clients with unlimited class packages regardless of reason.
  • What happens if I don't show up for a reserved class?
    Failure to attend a reserved class is a "no-show" and considered the same as a Late Cancel. You will lose a class credit if you have a Class Pack or an Elite Subsciption.
  • What is your Inclement Weather Policy?
    We will send an email to all clients on the class list up to 3 hours before class. We will also make announcements on our Facebook and Instragram pages (@bluefusionfit)
  • Do you have New Client Introductory Class Packs?
    Yes! Click here to purchase our Intro 4 Class Pack for only $49. You can use this pack to reserve any class on our schedule. Just note that this pack expires 30 days from your first class. No extensions are allowed.
  • Do your class packs expire?
    Yes. All of our class packs have expiration dates. Single Class expires 1 month from purchase. Make sure to book a class immediately after purchase. 5 Class Packs expires 3 months from first class. 10 Class Packs, when available expires 6 months from first class.
  • How much does it cost to take a class?
    Please click here to see our full menu of pricing.
  • Do you have monthly memberships?
    Yes we do. We have monthly autopay memberships for 8 classes per month or unlimited classes per month. The Elite membership for 8 classes per month costs $129 per month and the VIP membership for Unlimited classes is $159 per month. Send us an email at for more information.
  • Can I get a studio tour?
    Of course! Please send us an email at to make an appointment.
  • I have not worked out in a while and I don't know which class to take.  Can I get some guidance?
    Of course! You can send us an email at to make a appointment for a complimentary posture and movement assessment and class recommendations.
  • Do you offer Personal Training?
    Yes! We have an introductory session to Integrative Personal Training for only $65. The first session is 60 minutes which includes a 15 minute posture and movement assessment, and 45 minutes of exercise. Click here to book your first session.
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