Grace Clackson, Ph.D., CPT, IMS

Owner, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Grace is a Certified Group and Personal Trainer. She is also an Integrative & Corrective Movement Specialist and help clients with chronic pain by finding their optimal posture alignment and improve breathing. She is a Certified Genetics-Based Fitness Program Designer, which helps clients take the guess work out of weight loss. Her passion for fitness stems from her love of dance. She is a former Ph.D. Cancer Biologist and uses her science background to create fitness programs that are physiologically beneficial for everyone.


Yvonne Bouchard

Cycle & Yoga Teacher 

Yvonne’s classes are motivating and fun and structured to consistently challenge you.  In her cycle classes she pairs great music to resistance and interval training.  Yvonne always likes to add a good oldie to her playlist and you may even catch her singing along. Yvonne has a Lifetime Spinning certification through Mad Dogg Athletics and RYT 200 yoga certification through Back Bay Yoga Studio (now Yoga Works).


Julie Nocella

Cycle Teacher

Julie is known for her awesome playlists and would describe her class as playlist motivated!  She takes a ton of pride and time building them out, and also loves a big hill and a HIIT or Race Pace song (which all of her students know). She just renewed her spin certification and is going to start the Ace certification process!

2018_Blue Fusion_6699_HeatherS_headshot.

Heather Saxe

Barre & Strength Teacher

Heather is a Certified Group Instructor and a trained dancer.  She teaches Zumba, Barre, TRX and Functional Strength classes.