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ISSA Genetics Test is a DNA-based solution engineered for a person’s unique genetic makeup, providing health, weight and performance management strategies tailored to your specific genotype. Without this test, we’re all blindly limited to trial and error to find the optimal diet and exercise plan. Most people give up before finding it; the ISSA Genetic Test takes the guesswork out to provide the best and most personalized solutions for you—based on your DNA.

This test examines 36 unique traits for your genetic predisposition in areas such as weight loss ability, macronutrient and micronutrient utilization, exercise and training responses, mental and physical foundation, and recovery and injury risk. Your professional is a Certified Genetic-Based Program Designer, so they can interpret your results and tailor your program specifically to you.

ISSA Genetics Testing

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$399.00 Regular Price
$349.00Sale Price
    • Collecting the Data Sample
      Your certified professional will provide a DNA collection kit, consisting of a simple cheek swab. Return it in thepre-paid package and the lab will perform a complete scientific analysis of your unique genotype.

    • Receiving the Results
      Once your trainer or nutritionist receives your report, they’ll show you and explain how your body is impacted by what you eat and how you exercise. This will allow them to tailor a plan with recommendations for a food plan and exact guidelines for a workout program. You’ll receive a copy of your individual report and, by working together, know exactly what to do
      based on your DNA makeup.

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