Grace teaches all studio classes but Yoga. Her passion for fitness stems from her love of dance. She is a former cancer biologist and uses this to create fitness programs that are physiologically beneficial for everyone.

Owner, Founder and Fitness Teacher 

Grace Clackson

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Nicole's interest in fitness started from dancing ballet and jazz since childhood. Her favorite way to move now is Yoga.  Although she is not currently teaching at the studio, she his certified to teach Zen Yoga and Wellness.

Studio Operations Manager

Nicole Chow

Jess leads challenging yet playful classes. In addition she believes self care is important and loves balancing strengthening with softening, especially in the Yin Yoga style.  She is certified to teach Yoga, Barre and Pilates.

Social Media Manager, Yoga and Barre Teacher

Jessica Faith Guyer

Heather’s classes are fun and filled with her humor! She is also certified in Zumba, TRX, and aqua aerobics. She has studied dance since she was young and throughout college and still today teaches a variety of dance genres now and then.

Barre, Bounce and HIIT teacher

Heather Saxe

People describe Heather's classes as challenging but fun. She is certified in barre through exhale and as a group fitness instructor through ACE.  Heather has always been interested in fitness and has a bachelor's degree in exercise science and a masters in Occupational therapy.  

Barre teacher

Heather Quinn

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Danielle’s classes are short and sweet.  While she hopes you’ll find the motivation within yourself to give those heavier dumbbells a try, she’s not against tricking you into it instead.  She’s spent over 9 years in the fitness industry in various roles, yet teaching group strength classes are her favorite

Power Strength Teacher 

Danielle Crew

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Naomi's surfset classes are short and sweet, just like her! 45 minutes will fly by even though it’s filled with challenging exercises like burpees and mountain climbers - all done on the Surfset board! Just when you need a pick-me-up during class, she’ll be ready with a lame joke to keep you going.

Surfset Teacher 

Naomi Druy

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Kristin loves to dance and share the joy of movement clearly evident by the smile on her face in all her classes.  Kristin’s dance, barre, and bounce classes are encouraging, supportive and energetic. She holds a group exercise certification with AFAA, certified in the NIA Technique.

Barre, Bounce & Dance Teacher 

Kristen Dean


Yvonne’s classes are motivating and fun and structured to consistently challenge you.  In her cycle classes she pairs great music to resistance and interval training.  Yvonne always likes to add a good oldie to her playlist and you may even catch her singing along. Yvonne has a Lifetime Spinning certification through Mad Dogg Athletics and RYT 200 yoga certification through Back Bay Yoga Studio (now Yoga Works).

Cycle & Yoga Teacher 

Yvonne Bouchard


Emily is a positive instructor who enjoys motivating others to reach their goals.  She is certified with Mad Dogg and Stages.  She enjoys exercising, especially cycle and yoga, to improve her mood, destress and energize!

Cycle Teacher

Emily Maier


Julie is known for her awesome playlists and would describe her class as playlist motivated!  She takes a ton of pride and time building them out, and also loves a big hill and a HIIT or Race Pace song (which all of her students know). She just renewed her spin certification and is going to start the Ace certification process!

Cycle Teacher

Julie Nocella

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Martha is a bubbly go with the flow teacher, leading tension releasing classes. Her trainings include vinyasa, yin, pre/post natal, kids/teen, and trauma informed yoga. Recently she received her certification in cycle to better assist her yoga students who take back to back classes.

Yoga Teacher

Martha Lopez

2018_Blue Fusion_6590_Deb_headshot.jpg

Deb's power classes provide a safe place to defy expectations and limitations.  Through challenging and creative sequencing she will guide you to unexplored strength, flexibility, and balance. She often refers to her classes as "play with a purpose" and encourages her students to keep a sense of humor. Deb is both a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer who grows through taking classes and making time for herself on her mat.  

Yoga Teacher

Deb Bendetson


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