Covid 19
  •  Masks will become optional for vaccinated clients and staff during class, starting on May 29. They will still be required upon entry and until you are settled at your spot in the studio.

  • Please bring your vaccination card or a picture of it to the studio so that we can make a note of your vaccination status. You can also send your card via email before class. You only need to show it to us once.

  • Unvaccinated clients and staff or anyone who does not show us a vaccination card will still be required to wear a mask throughout class.

  • We will maintain a capacity 10 clients for the big studio and 4-6 for the smaller studios; barriers will also remain for the time being.

  • Showers will reopen and be available for use - the large women’s restroom will be limited to 2 clients at a time and the single gender neutral bathroom is as always for 1 client only.  Please send us an email or text to reserve in advance. Please bring your own towels if you wish to shower at our studio.

  • The water cooler will reopen - only wide mouth bottles should be used.

  • We will continue to live stream select classes from the studio. Take a look at our June class schedule to see which time slots will stream live!