Covid 19

Our studio is dedicated to following state and federal health and safety guidelines and regulations from Covid-19. We have been keeping our clients and staff safe from Covid infections since the last week of June using the following protocols below.  Please read below before signing-up for an in-person training with us.


How We Protect You

We are serious about our commitment to protect you.  Even before the pandemic, our workout studio rooms have always been equipped with HVAC and a Fresh Air Exchanger that refreshes air every 10-15 seconds. With your mask on, we will aim to keep the air temperature to a cool 62-65 degrees during your workout. We will not be turning on our overhead fans to reduce any spread of any sweat droplets. Our studios have always been clean but we are now thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting our studios in-between classes using CDC-recommended disinfectants. We also use a whole-room UV-C lamp to disinfect our studios. We are currently using 2 large studios for group classes and a different room for Personal Training. 


Before Class


1. Make sure that you have received, reviewed and signed our new Covid-19 Waiver that we have sent you via email before taking an outdoor or in-studio class for the first time since the lock-down. Please send us an email if you have not received the waiver 12 hours before class.

2. Please only sign up for class if you have not been sick, and have not been around anyone with a contagious disease, for at least 14 days. 

3. Please honor our Late Cancellation Policy of 8 hours before class. If you are cancelling due to symptoms related to Covid-19, then please inform us and quarantine for at least 2 weeks and only return with a negative Covid-19 test result.

4. Wear a mask that you can workout in when you approach us for an outdoor class or when you come in to our building. 

5. Disinfect your hands before you touch any of our equipment for outdoor classes or before you come in to the studio.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class, the studio front door will open only 20 minutes before class start. Follow the social distancing markers if there is a line to get in.  Please leave as much of your belongings in your car.  Please contact us by email if you need to use our locker or shower facilities after class.


Please note that we will lock the studio front door 2 minutes before class start. Please understand that our new check-in process takes time and we cannot allow late-comers.  If you arrive at the studio and the doors are locked, then you will be charged our late-cancel fee or lose a class credit.

We are implementing the following steps prior to taking an in-studio class.



Disinfect your hands with our contactless dispenser containing hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol. Rub your hands vigorously for 20 seconds.

Wall Thermometer.png


Measure your body temperature using our contactless thermometer and record it on the sign-in sheet every time you come in for class.



Complete our sign-in sheet. Sign-in your name and record your body temperature.

You will be asked to answer the following questions regarding your health status:

  • Have you been sick with fever, cough, or any symptoms related to Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

  • Have you been around anyone with a contagious disease in the last 14 days?

  • Have you travelled outside of Massachusetts in the last 14 days?

  • Have you ever been tested positive for Covid-19? When? 

  • Do you agree to inform us of any Covid-19 related illness that you may have contracted up to14 days after your last visit with us?

Depending on your health status you may not be able to take your class. In this case cancellation fees will be waived.

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  • Please minimize any personal belonging that you are taking in to the studio.

  • Cubbies are assigned according to the class you are attending. 

  • Lockers are not available for use.

  • Please also follow one-way signs for exiting the studio.

  • Follow restroom restrictions

  • Shower facilities are not available for use.